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    NEW! lightsleepers x LOFA benefit shirt 

    Chinese New Year was this past Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy it somehow.

    Help LOFA get to Comic Con in San Diego by picking up this new, limited-edition lightsleepers shirt. Featuring a decidedly Hong Kong kung-fu flick feel to the script and the traditional red/black/gold colorway of the Chinese New Year celebration.  This one is something you’re gonna rock the whole year.

    Plus, you get the fun feeling of sending LOFA to Comic-Con, where he can pick up even more toys, get his legit Mexican food on, and take pics with stormtroopers and Olivia Munn.

    You can find out more info about this on the lightsleepers site, LOFA or KTC’s blog. You can also find this shirt at http://www.eleshawaii.com or at in4mation. We thank you for your support.

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    The annual lightsleepers Love Song Mixtape post 

    I know I posted some of these songs last Sunday on my personal blog, but I’m gonna do my own little mix again, as part of the lightsleepers tradition of rocking a Love Song mixtape for February 14th.

    So, here goes my list. You can also check out the other lists being brewed up by LOFA, KTC, and Newkon.

    [clearspring_widget title=”Grooveshark Widget: Chameleon” wid=”48f3ef6c29317865″ pid=”4b739a128e582db2″ width=”300″ height=”400″ domain=”widgets.clearspring.com”]

    Your Touch – The Black Keys: Of Course, I’d have to start it off with something rocking. This song, if you watched Zombieland, comes up at the romantic peak of the movie.

    Nothin’ On You – B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars: Ummm… I just like this song haha. Those beautiful girls… they got nothin’ on you, girl.

    I Wanna Be – Avant: Now, we getting serious. I think this song speaks to the lover in all of us. Especially those that have to prove a point to make sure that they won’t hurt the other like the previous person.

    A Song For You – Donny Hathaway: See the above description and apply it to this song too. This songs hits al the right emotional points and should demonstrate the way how a love song should be sung. I love you so much, that’s why I’m singing this song for you, girl.

    Pretty Wings – Maxwell: This song speaks to me like I have to let you go to make your life better. No better love than one who lays his best interests in the better interest of another. I love you a lot, but I know there’s someone that can love you better, so I want you to be free and find yourself, hopefully finding that person in the process.

    Or it can just be a dope song. Whatever.

    Slow Dance – John Legend: This song reminds me of just chillin’ on the couch with your beloved and just reminiscing about all the dope times, making more memories along the way. Life is about making those moments you remember, not really dwelling on the petty stuff.

    Knocks Me Off My Feet – Stevie Wonder: “There’s something about your love, that makes me weak… and knocks me off my feet.” SING IT STEVIE!

    Dance with Me – Intrigue: Everyone has that song that reminds them of 9th grade prom/formal/dance/whatever. This is that song for me. When listening to this song, imagine trying to dance with one of your close female friends, all while trying to stare at her forehead.

    (They Long To Be) Close To You – The Carpenters: It’s Homer and Marge Simpson’s wedding song. How can you not think this is romantic?

    A Little Bit – Drake and Lykke Li: For some reason, when I think of a particular person, this song plays in my head.

    Pretty Brown Eyes – Mint Condition: When this song comes on, you know it’s time to get the slow dancing started.

    You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall and Oates: Did you watch 500 Days of Summer? I feel the same way walking out of my house when I hear this song. I think any woman that can have that affect on me is definitely wifey material. Serious.

    And that’s my mix this year. Hope you enjoy it with someone you love.

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    atypicalLIVING Covers… Simone Legno @ Nordstrom 

    You know, I was gonna write this pretty long narrative about an event that I didn’t go to because I was in Seattle the past week… BUT! I think it’s best to let LOFA handle some of the writing here, since he DID actually go to the event.

    So, I’ll actually copy and paste the report here, just to be really amused with it.


    I don’t know how this will work but this post is meant to be on atypicalLIVING.com. Mr. J All Day usually does the write ups. Since he decided to go to Seattle and see Kurt Cobain I was left to do this with the help of my friend Buttrpecan1(pictured with Simone Legno) who was kind enough to wake me up and hold my spot in line and let me borrow her camera for this coverage post. The adventure begins….

    With images of past signings and the last Le Sportsac nightmare of staying in line till 8pm i planned on going early. But due to some lack of sleep issues i get a wakeup call from Buttrpecan at 6am telling me she’s #10 out of a possible 350 people that can get something signed from Simone. Now don’t get me wrong I ain’t the hugest tokidoki fan and i own no bags or clothes but a few toys. They are alright and I respect his hustle and think is chick is MEAN. But if you can get something signed and make the value of stuff collecting dust worth more then shouldn’t you do it? And besides that every time I’ve been to a signing I’ve always gotten free stickers. I’m a sucker for free stickers….DOPE stickers. Pic from the line when I arrived at 7:30am.

    Nordstrom is strait up hustlers! They set up the line in the covered parking lot(thanks so much! No sunburn!) and were slanging the new Onitsuka Tiger shoes that were released that day 2 hours before the store even opened. I guess this is the girls equivalent to a Jordans release? Well this is what Buttrpecan picked up. Not bad. They also hooked her up with a free plush tiger keychain and a shirt and a cookie and free makeup and free coffee shots or something. I missed out on everything because I always wanted to walk inside the store and use the bathroom so when time came for things to go down I would be ready. Pays to hold it in sometimes. Also everyone that purchased the shoes that day received a ticket to the after party held at Pearl nightclub that afternoon at 5:30pm. Hooked up indeed. Wait its only 10am. Signing still to be held at 1pm. Daym. More waiting.

    Fast forward to 1:15 and we finally make it inside to see the man himself. And his lady Kaori(told you she was MEAN!) by his side. His manager was breaking down how many minutes he had till he had to leave for the afterparty. They don’t play. Simone wanted to sign everyboy’s stuff. But somebody gotta just put their foot down sometimes. Maybe that’s why manager man got to fly to Hawai’i. Even trade. Pic of mini munny by Simone and card by Kaori. This is Buttrpecan’s set of stuff. I got the same stuff but due to the 9 other pics she took with the couple Nordstrom said no pics and Simone became a diva in the eyes of people further back in line. Funny stuff. I finally got my free stickers. I wanted to raid the pile but his chick made me nervous and i pussied out and only took a couple.

    With time to kill, nothing to do, extra tokidoki toys needing to be signed, and a free ticket to the afterparty at Pearl we decided to go to the back of the line and get another ticket. This time i think we were #300 or something but with tickets finally runnng out and a small guilt trip we let everyone cut making us #348(two other people wanted to be the very last ones). But while in line we got even MORE free stuff including more stickers, cookies, and the kitchen sink(joking). Nordstrom hustlers made sure to keep the money coming and had girls walking around with tokidoki clothes and taking sales for the people in line. Pimp on playa! Can’t knock your hustle!

    Finally made it back again at 3:30pm(man i’m sick of Ala Moana already!) Signed more stuff. Got more stickers. Super stoked. As the line finally closed the EMPLOYEES made a line. Funnier stuff. But at least Nordstrom takes care of their workers. Nice.

    After a little happy hour at Island Burger(had to kill time and i was hella thirsty) we made it to Pearl. They had mean pupus and all the juice you could want to drink. No alcohol due to the keikis that were allowed in. But Simone was gracious. Stopped by all the tables to take photos with everyone and loosing his diva status. And free swag for everyone. I even got me a plush keychain and a sticker pack and some buttons and cookies. Oh yeah Pearl got small tvs above the urinals so you can watch ESPN and pee. Heaven.

    To end the night Tokidoki gave away a bunch of watches including the one Simone wore all day. And a few skateboard decks too boot. I was a free stuff whore! Didn’t spend a penny all day. Thanks to Simone and Kaori, Onitsuka Tiger, and Nordstrom for a dope day. After the party we went to the GroundUp show but there were like fifteen hundred photogs so somebody got that on lock. Just not me. The guy with no camera. With love, Lofa

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      yo, that’s me & my man… 😉

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    REMINDER: Inertia 5 today at Noon 

    In case you forgot, the lightsleepers will be hosting Inertia 5 this afternoon at Momilani Elementary in Pearl City.  This event is a fundraiser for Grace Bible Church’s Youth Ministries and Missions teams.  On the docket for the event are one-on-one and crew b-boy battles, live painting and art exhibitions.  There’s going to be tons of heads at the event, so bring your camera, your blackbook and some money to help support this worthy cause.

    Also, don’t forget that it’s Lofa’s birthday party, so get him something.  Also, check out the epic blackbook battle he’s hosting, with tons of prizes going to the winner, and the best artists in Hawaii creating dope work on the spot.

    Again, it goes down today at Noon at Momilani Elementary in Pearl City.  it’s located at the top of the hill on Waimano Home Road.  I’m pretty sure there will be signs posted.

    For more info, check out the lightsleepers homepage.

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    Inertia 5: All For One this Saturday 

    This Saturday marks the next big event for Hawaii’s Hip-Hop scene. It’s the return of Inertia at Momilani Elementary. This one is a benefit for Grace Bible Church Youth Ministries. There’s gonna be both 1-on-1 and crew B-Boy/B-Girl battles as well as live painting and music provided by DJs Observ, Revise, Skid, Jedi, Nomadd, and the chief lightsleeper Kavet the Catalyst.

    Also, Inertia also serves as the official birthday party of the 5th element of hip-hop, the lightsleepers and atypicalLIVING’s own Lofa. And he’s gonna celebrate by throwing an epic blackbook battle. So, swing by, wish him a Happy Birthday and get him something nice, like a toy of some sort or some 3XL shirts or maybe a MacBook, so he can get his online game back up and running full speed.

    Inertia goes down this Saturday afternoon from Noon to 5pm at Momilani Elementary in Pearl City. $5 gets you in the venue and more will get you food and whatnot throughout the event.

    Props to all the sponsors for throwing down a sick event for all the youth of Hawaii to get some exposure and for the youth of developing countries to get a chance to be ministered by the big-hearted people of the GBC Youth Ministry.

    For more info on this, check out the lightsleepers homepage.

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    apb’s The Struggle now available 



    If you weren’t there for the dope premiere, or you  were there and want a copy of the movie yourself, now is the time.  apb has just gotten their shipment of the modern day classic many are considering to be simply epic: The Struggle.  The dopeness doesn’t stop at the movie, the disc or the fact that Observ and Lofa were the first on the scene to scoop it up.

    Oh, no.  There’s more.

    See, inside of th DVD case is a special bonus: two more DVDs.  That’s right, the first two apb video, lower case and Midnight Marauders, are also included.  So, for one very special low price, you can get three of the illest skate videos every produced in Hawaii.  If you’re a kama’aina, you get the special $20 rate.

    So, swing by the shop at the corner of King and River and go get yours.  Props to the whole apb crew for all the dopeness.

    For more info: http://www.downwithapb.com

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    lightsleepers x Phoneticontrol stickers 


    The lightsleepers have just released these special edition stickers featuring the artwork of phoneticontrol.  Prices aren’t set at the moment, but we’re guessing it’s a dollar for 2.  So, please support and buy the stickers, as these will be used as a fundraiser to get LOFA to ComicCon.

    To get your hands on these, hit up KTC or LOFA for the details, or check out the Lightsleepers site.

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