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    Beat Root 4.6 

    The fourth edition of the Beat Root beat battle series will feature the most open field of all the battles thus far.  This battle will feature recent Beat Root vets Joe Gosalvez and Stutterin’ Stan, along with Todd G, Dirtytrick, Thundertrax, and DJAX.

    Along with the beat battle, there will be a special live performance by Hawaii’s own hip-hop mogul Tassho Pearce and special guest judge for the Beat Battle will be B-Money.

    Beat Root 4.6 goes down this Thursday at the Easy Music Center on South King Street.  Doors for the all-ages event open up at 5PM and is open to the public.

    For more, check out the lightsleepers.

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    Beat Root 3.6 

    Round 3 of the Beat Root qualifier series goes down this Thursday at the Easy Music Center on S. King Street.  This one is highly anticipated, as a couple newcomers join the fray of producers looking for redemption.

    Everyone, of course, will be gunning for The Hap.  The Gotthos representative rolled through in the clutch at Beat Root 2.6 and, with no preparation at all, made it all the way to the finals.  He’ll definitely be the one to watch for this time around, now that he’s had a month to construct beats.

    Dj Cozy and Ill Turner aka Nelson are previous entrants in the Beat Root series and they’re looking for their chance to shine in the third qualifier.  Pakman finally comes off the bench and into the game for this edition.  The lineup is filled out by DJ Bryson and Bay Area Transplant Joe Gosalves.

    The Beat Root series has been producing amazing battles and countless creative moments that this edition has a high bar to reach.  Don’t believe me?  Check out Easy Music Center’s coverage of Beat Root 1.6 and Beat Root 2.6.  Handheld camera work by DJ Liger.

    Beat Root 3.6 goes down this Thursday from 5-7pm at the Easy Music Center location at 1314 S. King Street in Honolulu. This event is all ages and free to the public.

    For more info, check out lightsleepers and Easy Music Center.

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    Beat Root 2008 2.6 

    the lightsleepers present the second edition of the Beat Root qualifying series. This event will feature six more of the dopest producers in Hawaii, battling it out for musical supremacy. The six in this event are a mixture of who’s who of Hawaii Hip-Hop and some mystery elements.

    The mystery elements come in the form of half the producers in this battle. Pandemic is a new cat on the scene. Portuguese Sausage Fest is someone that entered the last event, but we’ll keep his identity a secret until the show. Philippe Anthony is actually a homie of the atypicalLIVING/Prolifik crew. From what I’ve heard (all 15 seconds of it) this is gonna be pretty good.

    he other half of the bracket are some names you’ve seen before.  Opposite has won a Beat Roots before and was in the King of Kings final earlier this year with Ques?.  Studderin Stan (on the beat) is the consummate professional beatmaker.  He’ll be coming with the fire, no doubt.  And, making his first Beat Root appearance, is the always impressive Shaun Castro aka thatguyshaun.

    Besides the Beat Root main event, there will also be a couple of showcases.  First up is a showcase from Beat Root judges Slapp Symphony, who’ll bring the trunk thumping beats from the stage.  Also showcasing at this Beat Root will be Maleko and Optimus Rhymes of LA2theBay/JKC/KnoWest/Blockrockers.

    This one is gonna be pretty epic.  The event starts at 5pm this Thursday at the Easy Music Center on South King St.  This one is FREE and all ages, so you just have to bring yourself down to enjoy the fun. atypicalLIVING/Prolifik/[optical nerds] will be there with the coverage, so look for us.

    For more info, check out the lightsleepers page.

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    Beat Root 2008 Series Qualifier 1/6 

    the lightsleepers are BACK! with the 2008 edition of the Beat Root producer beat battle series.  The first series, which ran from throughout the span of two years, found Ques? the Beat Root Grand Champion.

    This year, a new batch of producers are back to claim the title of Beat Root Grand Champion.  This is the first step to that end.

    The first qualifier has six of the dopest producers on the island going at it for the first of six spots in the 2008 King of Kings battle.  And this battle has some heavy hitters in it as well.

    TKO and Pinoy are the two newcomers to this battle, so they have the opportunity to knock this one out of the park with the right grooves.  They are the mystery elements at this point, so look for some surprising stuff from those two during the battle.

    Highlighted by Beat Root champion Lael Beats, the rest of the field has tons of talent behind it.  Siq Records own Hunger Pains will be sending a two man team to the battle.  Multiple time FLOW freestyle champion Everybody Knows will be throwing down some beats at the event and the Beat Root “Most Improved” award winner, Stutterin’ Stan, will be blessing the battle with some heat.

    As if the battle wasn’t dope enough, there will also be a special showcase featuring Seattle resident and Hawaii’s own beat manipulator, Sentr1c.  That alone is worth the price of admission.

    Speaking of, the event is free and open to all ages, so there should be few excuses available to not go to the event.  Reat Root 2008 qualifier 1 goes down this Thursday at the Easy Music Center on South King.  Doors open at 5pm.

    For more information, check out the lightsleepers online.

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    atypicalLIVING covers… Trip The Lights: Beat Root Grand Championship 

    img_4687.jpgFunny thing happened on the way to Trip The Lights: I actually had a class to go to. Obviously, that was the least of my concerns, as I was trying to get through that to get to the real reason for the Leap Day, Trip The Lights: Beat Root Grand Championship.

    And what an event it was! Six of Hawaii’s illest producers went toe-to-toe for the ultimate prize: The Beat Root King of Kings title. Ques?, Opposite, Laels Beats, STU, Humdrummin, and Sentr1c. All vied for the crown through the traditional 6-4-2-1 Beat Root format. The formula had a twist, however, as the first round consisted of the producers’ first beat, along with a remix of Tropea’s “The Bratt.” That part of round 1 wasn’t judged, though it was safe to say that through crowd participation Laels definitely took that round.

    Props to DJ Memoir for the video.

    Anyway, I was going to do some straightforward coverage of the event, but when you got Honozooloo in the house rocking the spot, that kinda let me be a little bit more… ummm… “creative” with the coverage.

    So, seeing as how Vitamin Water was one of the principle sponsors for the event, I decided to have a little fun. In no way is the coverage here a promo for Vitamin Water, but… if anyone there wants to hook a homie up with a couple cases, you know where I can be reached.

    So, props to Aaron from Honozooloo for the legit coverage of the event and props to everyone who decided to be a part of my little experiment for the evening. And props to the unnamed bottle of revive Vitamin Water for being so cooperative in the shots.

    OH! And extra props to whoever it was that drank the said bottle of Vitamin Water in the green room. I just walked outside for a second to take flicks of the blackbook winner. I returned to the bottle opened and half drank, which kinda killed the shots for the rest of the night. Oh well, at least I got what I wanted to get out of it.

    The night also featured performances by The Perfect Median, Rhyme Da Old Man and Hidden habitats (Timer, Omega6, and DJ Bumblebee).

    The battles were hot and heavy between all the producers. With Sentr1c, Laels and Ques? making it out of the first round and Opposite making it out of the second chance round. After some close calls, Ques? came out on top as the Beat Root Grand Champion. The night was finished off by the Sideroad records crew of Joe Dub, Factor, Def3, Kay the Aquanaut, and Forgetful Jones.

    Anyway, you can check out the atypicalLIVING coverage/promo on the atpicalLIVING flickr page.

    You can also check out the excellent Honozooloo coverage here.

    Finally, you can check out all the latest from the lightsleepers here.

    Finally (again), congratulations are in order for the Omo family for welcoming baby Koltrane into the world. Props to Kav and Chels for their newest addition!

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    Trip The Lights: Beat Root GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP 


    This is IT, you guys.  The final Beat Root (for now) goes down this Friday night, the 29th (leap year!) .  Four of the past winners (Opposite, Ques?, Lael’s Beats and Sentr1c) will be vying for the Grand Championship title with two of the most consistent competitors in the Beat Root series (S.T.U. and Humdrummin).  The title of Hawaii’s best beatmaker is on the line and thes guys will be giving it their all at rRed Elephant.

    BUT!  That’s not the only thing going down this Friday night.  Oh no, because the lightsleepers have packed this night to the gills with an amazing array of performers.


    Look for performances by Hawaii’s own and the Bay Area’s finest Joe Dub and the bulk of Canada’s hip hop scene with Factor, Kay the Aquanaut, Forgetfull Jones, Def3 and Kirby Dominant coming along side the ride.  Also performing are some of Hawaii’s illest, Rhyme Da Old Man will be throwing down, as well as Grip H and Juan P aka the Perfect Median and Showdown in Chinatown winners from the Hidden Habitats, Timer1 and DJ Bumblebee.

    On top of ALL THAT, there’s also going to be art installations by The Starfish Guy, KOAK, Shaun Castro, Stanstill, Nicolai and a whole bunch more.

    PLUS!  There’s also gonna be a blackbook battle based on the word “Primo,” sponosred by Art Primo.

    I don’t know how they’ll be able to get everything in before 1am, but I’m hoping they do.  This is gonna be the greatest night in Hawaii Hip-Hop history.  No doubt in my mind.

    Props to in4mation, XPRMNT, Prolifik, Skull Candy, Easy Music Center, Art Primo and Vitamin Water for making this all possible.

    For more information, check out the lightsleepers website.

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