NEW! Fitted Accessories

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The Fitted Ohana is about to release some new accessories for your busy outdoor lifestyle. Not content with just providing headpieces, apparel and a backpack, they’re coming correct with a bunch of stuff that you’ll find yourself rocking outdoors.

First up is a set of golfballs made in collaboration with the Callaway Gold Co. One set come with the Aloha Served Daily logo and the other comes with a black/white version of the trilocks.

Next is a custom umbrella featuring eight of Fitted’s iconic logos on the eight panels of the umbrella: ASD, Aloha, Kamehameha head, Mua, Pride, FITTED crest, trilocks, and Fasi shaka and also features a nice wooden handle.

Also releasing is a set of slippers, a multi-colored ASD keychain, a yellow Fitted towel featuring the ASD logo in black and finally, an all black portable folding grill and matching black/yellow satchel.

All these pieces will release today at the Kona St. headquarters. For more, check out