5 Years of FITTED

The biggest release in FITTED Hawaii history is going down this morning. If you aren’t already standing in line, I suggest you do so NOW.

This is a big three hat, three shirt release celebrating FIVE YEARS STRONG for the Fitted Ohana.

First up the hats. It’s been almost three years since the first set of Fitted Hawaii New Eras dropped on peoples heads. So, to celebrate that milestone, they took three of their newest designs and flipped them with the first release colors: The NIHI in red with gold trilocks; The MUA in black with gold Warrior logo; and the ALOHA in the classic Murakami colors.

Alongside of the hats are three new shirts to celebrate the occasion. First up is a white shirt with five kahilis, standing strong, representing five years in the business. Next is a black long sleeve shirt with “AlohaHaters” etched down the sleeves. Finally, shout out to Norm, Cliff the Mailman, Woody, and Sam Malone on the last shirt. White long sleeve piece with the “Cheers” logo flipped to CHEEHU!

Along with all that is a new sticker pack commemorating the occasion.

Don’t forget, along with all this is the debut of Melt, a new food truck idea, in the Fitted parking lot. So, celebrations to new beginnings, new challenges and a shout out to the past.

This all happens this morning. Store opens at 11am, but I’d definitely make my way down and get in line if you want any of the stuff listed above.

For more info, http://www.fittedhawaii.com

Props to Ola, Cuzzo, Bas, and the rest of the Fitted Ohana for holding Hawaii down for the past five years. It’s been a pleasure growing and striving with you folks. Continued success.

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