NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Ho’a’ano” x Redo tees 

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Fitted Hawaii coming at you with two new shirts to add to that ever expanding closet.  The first shirt is a shout out to the classic NYC pigeon. Jeff Staple just finished a week of talks and retail with the Reed Space pop up shop at the Waikiki PARC Hotel. The iconic STPL pigeon is a symbol of all that is NYC.  The Fitted Ohana have taken that concept and flipped it for Hawaii, using the iconic Mynah Bird for inspiration.  The shirt is titled “Ho’a’ano” which means to boast or act bold.  Those that have dealt with mynah birds, literally and figuratively, can attest to this statement.

The next shirt is a remix of their REDO graphic, featuring the Jordan V Grape colorway of white/teal/purple. A hot design with a nice re-up.

Both of these will be available today at 11am at the Kona St. headquarters.

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