angry woebots at Next Door

Besides the usual chicanery that goes on during First Friday in chinatown, swing by Next Door to check out something truly unique.

Yes, you’ve probably seen woes paint elsewhere, but have you seen him paint 40ft. in the air? He’ll be right above the Next Door bar and throwing down a sick piece for everyone to check out.

Along with woes risking life and limb for dopeness, you also got some Bentos and Nicky Savage to keep you going for the rest of your First Friday chillin’.

The weather hopefully cooperates for a nice art crawl tonight, but, if it starts raining and you need to head inside, can’t do much better than seeing woes above your head and sippin’ on $2 drinks.

This all goes down at 6pm tonight at Next Door (43 N. Hotel St.). For more, check out