Kid Robot x angry woebots: Luck on a Spear.

So, this happened yesterday…

RUMOR HAS IT, Kid Robot will be dropping a new series called the 2Tone series. This series has caused such a ruckus that even the official Kid Robot board is neither confirming nor denying that the set is releasing. Even the artists are getting on board by posting teaser photos… Huck Gee dropped a subtle hint and now angry woebots just dropped this not so subtle hint. Panda with a bamboo stick holding a koi fish? REEEE-DICULOUS.

So, absolutely NO ONE KNOWS if this is dropping.

What I DO know is that angry woebots will be up in the spot at Split Obsession Ala Moana this Thursday from 6:30-9pm selling his newest gear and there is a special toy release. This may or may not involve the image above, but… you never know.

Good luck to everyone trying to find this one, I know it’s gonna be crazy hunting.

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