80 Proof

This isn’t a reference to that La Roux song. Apologies if I just got that stuck in your head.

By volume, vodka is 40% alcohol, which translates to 80 Proof. So, to celebrate the Creative Stimuli issue of Contrast (issue #4, for those keeping track) the Contrast family is throwing a combination party in Chinatown. Two venues full of awesome awesomeness.

At thirtyninehotel, there’s a live performance from Alt/Air, Kause and No Evil DJs attacking the 1200s, and Better Brands hosting a vodka tasting from 8-9pm (tying back to the title of the event).

Next door at Next Door is a sonic assault led by Clones of the Queens, Falcon Lord, and Shopping List. Jim Jones destroying the 1200s on this side of the event and the Drop Shadows helping that vodka buzz along with some dope visuals.

This all goes down this Saturday night at thirtyninehotel/Next Door on Hotel St. Event starts at 8pm and I guess I don’t need to tell you that it’s a 21+ thing.

For more info, check out http://www.contrastmagazine.com