atypicalLIVING Covers… BE@K is UP

This past Saturday night, street artist BE@K threw a solo art show within the confines of Prototype’s new Ala Moana shop.

To say this was an art show is an understatement. The prolific nature of BE@K was shown as there were pieces EVERYWHERE. The highlight being a glass case in the middle of the store with about 60-70 small pieces arranged throughout the case’s 4 shelves. Throw in some custom munny’s, a collabo with Freelance Clothing’s d.king, and a GRIP of pieces everywhere, this show was aiming for some “Most Pieces Shown At Once” title.

Check out some of the dopeness on the atypicalFLICKR.

To see the rest of the exhibit, swing by the Prototype Ala Moana shop, ground level, next to Cookie Corner, Makai Market, and Centerstage.