NEW! Fitted Hawaii ASD (LOVE) x ‘Io (All White) 

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Available now at the Kona St. location is this new set of stuff from the Fitted Ohana. First up is a special ALL WHITE Kamehameha New Era, designed after the endangered ‘Io (Hawaiian Hawk). This is the only hawk that’s native to Hawaii and it can only be found on the Big Island. The hawk serves as the ‘aumakua to the Hawaiian Royalty, gaining it’s places as one of the more revered animals in Hawaiian history.

Speaking of revere, the ASD shirt that releases along with the ‘Io pays tribute to one of the more famous art pieces in America: the LOVE sculpture in LOVE Park in Philadelphia. ┬áThis landmark has been the scene of many legendary skate parts and immortalized by such names as Bam Margera, Josh Kalis, Kerry Getz and Stevie Williams.

These two pieces are available now, so get yours before it gets got.

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