NEW! music from Blue Scholars; Bambu and Prolific Unknowns

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With the Summer hitting it’s stride, one thing that has gotten me through some of the Dog Days is some dope music from my favorite peoples.

First up is this dope track from Native Guns’ own Bambu, chopping it up with Mox and K-Luv of Prolific Unknowns.  They throw their own spin on “Slow Down” and make it hella dope.

Next is the always awesome Blue Scholars, showing some of the humor that makes their shows incredibly entertaining. They take on one of the 90s most iconic Summertime songs: Dove Shack’s “Summertime in the LBC.” Of course, being from the Pacific Northwest makes for some interesting Summertime commentary. Also, the fact that they hit ALL parts of the song (including the females and the breakdowns) is quite impressive.

Check out the Bambu/Prolific Unknowns track at the in4mation site.

Check out “Summertime in the SEA” on the Blue Scholars site.