NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Surf Pack”

The Fitted Hawaii crew is taking a little break this week from the hustle and bustle of designing and actually turned things over to three members of their surf team to design the ultra-limited edition Kamehameha New Eras this week.

Ezekiel Lau, Keanu Asing, and Nelson Ahina III are three up and coming surfers, each bringing their own style and vibe to the water. They are also three members of the Fitted Hawaii surf team. They each designed a New Era reflecting their own personal influences.

Ezekiel went with the traditional Kamehameha Schools blue and white for his hat, Ewa Beach’s own Keanu Asing rocks out on black/red with his design, and Nelson Ahina III’s goes HARD on the camouflage crown and yellow bill design.

All three are hot fire and will definitely spark a conversation. Also, these three are also competing for a special prize: the first hat of the three that sells out will qualify the team member that designed it to create a custom matching shirt. A very sick prize for three very sick designs.

Alongside of the three New Eras, there’s also a set of six basic tank tops that are certain to match something, if not EVERYTHING in your wardrobe this Summer. Yellow/green, black/yellow, red/black, grey/blue, blue/white, black/red. Something is bound to match up to this. Plus, when you’re at the beach, you don’t want to think too hard on the clothing choice. Grab and go.

These all drop this Saturday at the Kona St. headquarters. Make sure you get yours, as the hats are limited to 30 pieces per design. For more info, check out the Fitted Hawaii website.