NEW! Fitted Hawaii KU’IKAHI x BLACK UH

The Fitted Hawaii Ohana is back with another dope Saturday release for everyone. This release has tons of historical importance, as this marks the 200 year anniversary of the Hawaiian Islands being united under one leader: Kamehameha the Great.

His vision to united the eight major islands became a reality in 1810, as he was finally able to come to an agreement to become the ruler of Kauai, thus bringing all eight islands under his rule.

To mark this momentous occasion, the Fiited Ohana is releasing this special hat and shirt combo. The shirt features some tribal markings on the back and a circle logo with the Kamehameha icon in a red circle with the words “TWO HUNDRED YEARS STRONG – HAWAII NEI” around the icon.

The hat represents the loss of power of the Hawaiian people during the overthrow, as it’s a blacked out UH Warriors hat. All black, all business.

This set releases this Saturday morning at 11am at the Kona St. headquarters. For more info, check out the Fitted Hawaii website