NEW! The Ruffians “Hold Your Tongue” shirt

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The Ruffians is a new offshoot label of the lightsleepers family. This new imprint was designed for shirts and collabos that fit outside of the normal lightsleepers scope. This shirt is a prime example.

Done up by SpelOner, this shirt features a pirate theme (handy, since Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is filming in Hawaii right now) and shouts out to the adventurous spirit of the lightsleepers worldwide.

The front features a pirate ship and a nautical compass that points out the proper direction of things. A quick shoutout to the places where the lightsleepers are making moves, and the LS anchoring the compass down on the sides.

The back features the classic LS logo. If you order the shirt, you have to say “I was born on a pirate ship” while holding your tongue. Thus, the name of the shirt.

This shirt is available NOW on and soon in-store at in4mation and split obsession.

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