NEW! Fitted Hawaii TANTARAN x Kamehameha

Today’s Fitted Hawaii release is bringing it back to the classic pidgin. For those that have heard the term before, tantaran is a pidgin word meaning someone that’s overly boastful. Or at least that’s the impression I get when someone is acting all tantaran. Well, the Fitted Ohana has probably wondered the same thing and have immortalized the term on this new shirt.

Done up in red and yellow on a blue shirt, the word tantaran is morphed into something that resembles the Superman logo. (Which, if you think about it, actually works.) The back is laced out with the Fitted crown, also done up in red and yellow.

To match, there’s a brand new Kamehameha New Era, featuring the same blue/red color scheme as the shirt.

Both these pieces are available TODAY at the Kona St. headquarters.

For more, check out the Fitted Hawaii website