NEW! Fitted Hawaii Morning/Day/Night Linen pack + Saturday releases

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This Saturday is another epic release from the Fitted Ohana.  First up is a special three hat set called Morning Day Night.  This features three of Fitted’s signature designs, done up in special linen material. There’s a slamon-red PRIDE hat, representing the morning; a grayish-blue ALOHA (New Era) representing the blue skies and clear waters; and a grayish-purple Kamehameha representing the nightlife that we hold near and dear.

Alongside of these hats are three new shirts: a traditional FITTED logo shirt featuring all three colors from the Morning Day Night pack; a new black tank top with HANA HOU and a reimagined Fitted crown graphic on the back; finally, there’s a new ISOLATION v-neck featuring salmon colored trilocks all over.

These pieces are definitely gonna sell out, so make sure you head over to the Kona St. headquarters and get yours.

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