NEW! FItted Hawaii Glassy x Standing 8 tees

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This Tuesday’s Fitted Hawaii release takes a look at the awesomeness that is the natural beauty of Hawaii.

First up is the Glassy tee, featuring a scene depicting the perfect Hawaiian day: bright sun, clear skies, even clearer water, and the lush natural green of nature.  Ideal is an understatement.

The next tee up is called Standing 8, and comes with this Fitted logo, repeated in 8 color bands.  The colors represent each of the Hawaiian islands and is repeated on the Fitted crown on the back of the shirt.

Also, as a part of the Standing 8 release, there’s also a corresponding WOMEN’S version available, so the ladies get in on the love for this one, too.

These shirts are on that limited edition steez, so definitely make your way down to Fitted to get yours.

This releases today at the Kona St. headquarters.  For more info, check out