NEW! Fitted Hawaii Pride Pack x Shady Palms x Hula Hands x Cuzzo’s

This is probably the most ambitious Fitted Hawaii release this year. Three shirts, three hats, all awesome.

First up, the hats: three PRIDE New Era hats: an all teal number with a tonal H; a black brim/white crown piece; and a black and gray piece with gray cotton brim, white H, black crown, and red button. All three of these pieces are limited to 30 pieces each, so get yours while you can.

The three shirts pay tribute to Honolulu City’s Red Light District with their take on three signs you’d see around the district. Think Fitted x GTA: Vice City.

Hula Hands is featured on a white shirt and has a graphic reminiscent of an old school pub. The Shady Palms shirt is on black and features signage that looks like a place to get away from the bump and grind everyday life, you know?

Finally, the Cuzzo’s shirt is a red number that pays tribute to the old school pool halls, where sharks will hustle you without a second glance.

All six pieces will be available this Saturday from the Kona St. headquarters. So, as always, get yours before it gets got.

For more info on the pieces, check out