Memorial Day 

Today is Memorial Day, which would explain why you got to sleep in and/or might be headed to a barbecue at the beach or park.  But, do you know WHY we celebrate this holiday?

Memorial Day is a national holiday traditionally observed on the last Monday in May.  It is used to celebrate those who have fought in the US Armed Forces and died during combat.  Memorial Day was first observed in 1865 as a way to celebrate those who fought in the Civil War.  By then, the remains of Union soldiers from the war were found in no less than 73 cemeteries throughout the nation; most of them found in Arlington National Cemetery and the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Memorial Day officially became the last Monday in May after the Uniformed Holidays Bill was passed in 1968, moving three federal holidays to specified Mondays to create convenient three-day weekends: Washington’s birthday (now known as Presidents’ Day), Memorial Day, and Veterans Day.

So, as you head off to enjoy some sun, burgers, and the relaxation of knowing that there’s little traffic going on today… take time to say “Thanks!” to a Veteran.  They deserve it.