Clockwork Prom 

You remember prom night, right?  That horrible night 10 years ago.  You were HELLA nervous, not paying attention to your date, spilled punch on her sleeve and went home… alone.

Well, the time has come to make amends to that.  The Vertical Junkies are throwing the “Clockwork Prom” an event where you can (finally) make things right.  Come decked out in your favorite prom era steez, whether it be Back to the Future, Sixteen Candles, She’s All That, or even Prom Night (but I don’t know of anyone who actually SAW Prom Night…)

Anyway, come dressed to impress and dance to the music of DJ Durtie Rice, Jonah the Whale and Rise Up.

This all goes down this Saturday night at Next Door (43 N. Hotel St.).  It’s $10 for couples and $7 for those going stag and looking for a date there.  Both Prom Bids come with a framed prom pic, just like the old days.

You can scoop up tickets to this one at in4mation (Ward and Pearlridge) and Sindication (Windward Mall).