NEW! Fitted Hawaii Chambray Kamehameha and Palaka Logo Tee

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Summah-summah-summertime.  The Fresh Prince (not Ali, Agent J, Hitch, or the New Karate Kid’s dad) and DJ Jazzy Jeff threw out the quintessential Summer party jam. Yeah, if you ain’t down with this… you just don’t know.

Anyway, the Fitted Hawaii Ohana is on this tip and is celebrating by throwing down the first of MANY dope releases this season.  First up is a DOPE Chambray Kamehameha New Era.  For those that don’t know, chambray is a linen finished gingham cloth that is dipped in blue and is commonly used in the US for the traditional workshirt.  This blue shirt was normally paired with blue jeans and coined the phrase “blue collar.”

Along with the fabric finish on crown, there’s also a light brown suede bill, a white crest on the back, red button, and navy blue Kamehameha logo.  Summer madness in the true definition of the word.

Speaking of the workman’s shirt, a traditional pattern used by Hawaii’s working class is the palaka print, a plaid pattern used by the sugar cane workers in the beginning days of the Hawaiian territory.  This pattern is reinterpreted as the pattern fill for the traditional Fitted logo shirt.  The back of the shirt also features the Fitted crown with a palaka fill.

Summertime is a time to relax, but it’s also a time to put in work.  Here’s your official uniform.

These pieces will release at the Kona St. headquarters this Saturday.  A portion of this release will also be available for purchase from the Fitted Hawaii online shop.

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