NEW! Defend Hawaii shirts

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This Friday, the Defend Hawaii crew is back with some heat.  Two new designs headed your way: first up is a shout out to Mr. Ed Lover and Doctor Dre (no Detox) and the seminal hip-hop show YO! MTV RAPS.  The flip comes out and reps ALOHA FAMILY and drops in a white with orange accents or black with blue accents. Either way, it’s sickness.

The second deisgn is simply titled DMAFW, shorthand for Don’t Mistake Aloha For Weakness.  These drop in a maroon/gold/white (sorry, LeBron fans), a black/grey/white (sorry, Spurs fans), and a white/black/blue (sorry Magic fans).

Both designs will be dropping strongly at Sindication at Windward Mall this Friday.

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