NEW! Olde Ivory mini Summer Drop

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Yes, you read that right: it’s a mini drop of shirts from the homies at Olde Ivory.  Two great designs in four killer colors.  First up is the “Myna Threat” shirt in chocolate/gold and Orioles Black/Orange.  Next up is the instant classic “SHOOTS!” shirt in black/lime green and MASH military green/off yellow.

These shirts are printed on Olde Ivory’s new thin and comfy shirts, which are LEGIT! If you haven’t had the pleasure of rocking an Olde Ivory shirt in this new comfy shirt they got, you don’t know… I will co-sign heavily on that one.

You can scoop these up NOW at the Olde Ivory online shop or the usual retail suspects (like in4mation Ward and Split Obsession Ala Moana).