NEW! Fitted Hawaii “We Got Aloha” x SF Giants

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This week’s Tuesday release features a shout out to Jackie McLean, ATCQ, and the Bay Area Giants.

The shirt releasing today features a graphic inspired by Jackie McLean’s “It’s Time” album and the ASD line is styled much like Tribe Called Quest’s “We Got The Jazz.”  Under the graphic is the names of all eight Hawaiian Islands. We got aloha, all day.

The hat releasing features the San Francisco Giants logo draped in silver on a black hat with teal bill. Very correct when you want your kicks game to match your Fitted game.  It’s a good look for the Summer, which, for most of you kids in school, should be coming out soon.

This set is set to drop today at 11am at the Kona St. headquarters.

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And, good luck to the homies and ladies as you get through Finals week.