NEW! Fitted Hawaii Hillside Giants x FTD HNL x Tanktop

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This Tuesday’s Fitted Hawaii release features three different products that will be available to Hawaii’s masses. First up is a new yellow shirt featuring 3D lettering.  The green letters FTD HNL are standing tall and proud on the front of the shirt.  The back features a green crown with 3D line fill.

Next up is a special MLB Negro League New Era featuring the Hillside Giants.  Black crown, red bill, yellow H logo and white button brings all the colors together.  be warned, this hat is limited to 30 pieces, so make sure that you get in there early.

Finally, with the weather getting all hot and sticky, the Fitted Ohana is dropping a new tanktop.  This red tanktop features a yellow crown on the front of the tanktop and a special graphic on the back, featuring trilocks, the crest, and feathers.  Definitely a good look for the Summertime.

All three of these will drop today at the Kona St. headquarters at 11am.

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