NEW! Fitted Hawaii Daruma x Slaps Wind (Rising Sun) pack

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This Saturday’s release at Fitted Hawaii celebrates the Japanese culture and it’s ties to local people.  This is appropriate, as next Wednesday is Boys Day.  The first piece of this pack is the Daruma shirt.  This traditional Japanese doll is a representative of the Buddist monk Bodhidharma, the father and founder of the Zen order of Buddhism.  The doll is made as a tribute to what Bodhidharma might have looked like.

Japanese tradition uses this as a symbol of good luck, where the eyes are used to track goals, dreams, and desires.  When the doll is bought, the eyes are empty, and it’s tradition that upon returning home, one of of the eyes gets painted, while the other remains empty.  Once the goal has been achieved, that’s when the other eye is painted.  This is what the Japanese call “Both Eyes Open.”  This is meant as a symbol of achieving the stated goal.

The shirt features the portrait of the Daruma doll on a black shirt, with one of the eyes already painted in for you.  The back features a white Fitted crown with red stroke.

The second part of the pack is a new colorway of the “Slaps Wind” Hawaiian flag New Era.  This features an all white crown and red flag and Fitted crest.  The colorway is meant to symbolize the Japanese “Rising Sun” flag.

Both of these drop this Saturday at 11am at the Kona St. location.  This would make an excellent gift for any of the boys (or men) celebrating Boys Day this Wednesday.

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