Earth Day 2010

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.  This year, there’s tons of initiatives that are going down to help celebrate a day we can help out Mother Earth.  Starting this week, at all target stores, they’re giving away special Earth Day “go green” bags made out of recycled Coke bottles.  Also, many Farmers Markets will be holding down the sustainability theme today.

Also, in what has been almost a tradition, DisneyNature releases the latest in their Nature documentary series with “Oceans,” a look at the 5 major oceans of the world and the animals that inhabit them.  A special donation will be made to the Nature Conservancy to help save coral reefs worldwide.

Do your part and do something this Earth Day. Recycle a can, reduce trash or help clean up a beach.

For more ideas on what you can do, or to find out what others are doing across the globe, check out