Kawaii-Kon 2010

Hawaii’s biggest and baddest anime convention is happening this weekend at the Hawaii Convention Center.

So, if you’re hitting up the mall and you find a bunch of people dressed up and walking around with swords… now you know why.

But, besides the cosplay contest and the annual karaoke contest, there’s a video game tournament and panels on some of the hot button issues in the world of anime.  I’m totally feeling the Gore Effects workshop and how they make injuries look so real.

Also, check out the video game tournament for a big battle on a number of games, including Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, and Super Smash Bros.

This all goes down this Friday (9am-12am), Saturday (9am-12am), and Sunday (9am-630pm) at the Hawaii Convention Center.

For more info and a full schedule, check out http://www.kawaii-kon.org/