Gordon Rider #4 and 5 Year Art Tribute Book

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This Saturday at Kawaii-Kon, Jon J. Murakami will unleash the latest issue of Gordon Rider, Hawaii’s worse superhero.  Issue #4 will hit the stands at Kawaii-Kon with a special edition cover that is only available at convention. Only 30 of those have been printed and each of the 30 will be individually signed and numbered.

Also releasing is a special edition 5 Year Art Tribute book.  This one will have three covers: green (standard), orange (Kawaii-Kon Special Edition, limited to 30) and the even more limited edition blue hardcover issue.

You can find both Issue #4 and the 5 Year Art Tribute at Kawaii-Kon this weekend.

For more info, check out http://www.gordonrider.com