First Saturday Book Sale at Bill’s Bookmobile 

This Saturday is the first Saturday in April and there’s this little product that’s releasing that’s supposed to revolutionize the way you read books. It’s about the size of a magazine and has an app that can access an online bookstore.  It’s revolutionary, magical, and everyone seems to be hyped for this new, digital way to read books…

… but what if you’re in the mood for traditional, analog books?  Well, the Friends of the Library of Hawaii are holding their First Saturday book sale at Bill’s Bookmobile to help feed your need for the feel of paper.  The bookmobile will be rocking tons of books in there, ranging from military history and cooking, to gardening, hobby, and children’s books.

They’ll also have tons of novels available too. And no, not just the ones that got turned into movies.

The First Saturday sale goes down this Saturday at Bill Bookmobile, which will be parked at 690 Pohukaina Street in downtown Kaka’ako.  If the address is unfamiliar, just head around the corner from the Fisher Hawaii in town.  All proceeds from the books, music, and movies sold at the sale will benefit Hawaii’s public libraries.

So, head out there, buy a book (or a movie) and support the sanctuary of knowledge in Hawaii.

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