NEW! Fitted Hawaii Snake Eyes x Survival of the Fitted 

This Saturday’s Fitted Hawaii release focuses on the unseemly side of the life: snakes. In street terminology, a snake is a back-stabber, a snitch, quite possibly the worst thing to be around, that’s where the inspiration for this shirt takes shape.  The shirt lifts it’s slogan “I’m being watched by snake eyes, surrounded by crash dummies and empty mind” from Prodigy’s “Genesis.”  All too true in this world we live in.  The shirt is printed on black, with a teal/purple snake on the front and a gray crown on the back.

The accompanying piece is a redux of a VERY popular design from a little while ago “Survival of the Fitted.”  The shirt was an instant classic, now the hoodie is poised to be as legendary.  The purple hoodie has the legendary phrase on the front and a black/white crown on the back.

As always, these will drop at the Kona St. headquarters this Saturday.

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