NEW! Saturday releases at Kicks/HI

A couple hot new releases coming through the doors of Kicks/HI, all keeping with that home team love.

First up is the first New Era release by the crew at Kicks/HI+GUAM. The New Eras feature the word “ESTA” (‘sta), which is a widely used Chamorro term that’s similar to “shoots”, “laters”, “got it” and/or “goodbye.”  It comes in an assortment of colors, so there’s at least two or three pairs of kicks in your closet that will work with each colorway.

The second release of the weekend comes from the defending champs, Saint Alfred. STA always comes correct with their designs, so this lineup is sure to garner lots of positive response.  Simple, yet complex and refined is always a great way to describe the STA design aesthetic.  As a Giants fan, I got nothing but love for the black/orange pieces.

Both of these pieces will release EXCLUSIVELY at the Makaloa location.  For more info on this release, check out