NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Kona Nuggets” and Pride H

This Saturday’s Fitted Hawaii release is definitely ambiguous.

First of, the shirt: a play on one of the best teams in the league right now, The Denver Nuggets. You could say that the Nugets are “lightin’ it up” in the league, which would make this shirt even more appropriate.  The FItted Ohana flips the modern Nuggets logo and adds the FITTED twist, along with the KONA hit on the back logo – shouting out the BI family and the street in which the headquarters reside.. Give it up for the Kona Gold, everyone.

Hidden among the design are some special gel inked tonal patterns, definitely used to emphasize the shirt even more.

Alongside of the shirt is a special Pride H hat.  Simple, effective, easy to rock with anything. All black crown, white logos. Simple as that.

Both of these pieces drop this Saturday morning at 11am at the Kona St. headquarters.

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