Hypersquad presents: Renaissance 

The 11th Annual Hypersquad Dance Concert is both amazing and bittersweet.

The amazing part is that 30 past and present choreographers have joined in and helped with part of the show. The other amazing part is that this is the first show under the direction of new Hypersquad directors Josh Ulep and Casey Kalahiki.  Yet another amazing part is this show consists of 25 different numbers and keeps it going for almost three hours.

The bittersweet part is that this is Jason Ulep’s (Newkon) final show for Hypersquad before he makes the big leap to Los Angeles.  The other bittersweet part is that the show is missing some key members due to HYPE 5-O making it on to MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew competition.

But, this will still be the amazing show that Hypersquad is known to put out year after year.

This year’s concerts take place this Saturday at McKinley High School Theater.  The first show is at 12:30pm with special guest Comedian David Lee getting things started at 12:15pm.  The second show starts at 5:30pm, with David Lee taking the stage 15 minutes before that.

Tickets are $20 at the door and this will be a packed house, so be prepared for the logistics and parking situations that could unfold at that time.

This will be an amazing show and tickets are more than likely to sell out, so get there early for best selection.

For more information, call 808.676.4973