Give It Fresh Today

Some of you may have seen LOFA’s post about this new organization helping out the community at large at the KCC Farmer’s Market on Saturday.  The organization is called “Give It Fresh Today” and it seeks to help feed Hawaii’s homeless community through the fresh fruits and vegetables available in through locally grown outlets.

The premise is simple: most food donation and help the homeless organizations hold food drives and call for mostly packaged and canned goods.  Give It Fresh Today takes the helping hand a step further and not only helps the homeless and less fortunate, but also provides them with fresh food that will help contribute to their health and wellness.  This helps out not only the less fortunate, but also the local agriculture scene.  The fresh produce is provided by local farmers, keeping local food in local hands, keeping local money from leaving the island.  The more money stays in state, the better our economy gets, the better off everyone will be in the long run. It takes the idea of “keeping it local” to another level.

This worthwhile charity sets up their tent every Saturday at the Kapiolani Community College Farmer’s Market from 730am-11am. So, please stop by and make a donation. Tell them atypicalLIVING sent you.

For more information or to volunteer at the tent, email