St. Alfred New Releases This Saturday

It’s been a minute since we shared some love with St. Alfred, the Chicago brethren of the Kicks/HI family.

They’re coming out hard with two new releases to keep you safe from the elements of the Windy City.

First up is a new shirt featuring a tattoo inspired graphic with the phrase “SAINTS RISE TOGETHER.” The shade of blue used on the graphic would match up perfectly with those Space Jams you got for Christmas.

Next up is a basic crewneck sweater featuring the A fleur logo and a STA tag that’s simple, basic, and perfect for getting your grown up on.

Also releasing are two highly anticipated shoes: the Patta Air Max 1 RE-UP and the Futura Tiger Camo Dunk HI.

If you find yourself in the CHI this weekend, you can hit up the STA boys at 1531 North Milwaukee.

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