NEW! Fitted Hawaii Saturday Releases

This Saturday marks four, count ’em, FOUR new Fitted Hawaii releases for the masses. Let’s take a look at what’s going down.

First up is a follow up to the popular Mabuhay Served Daily shirt that dropped not too long ago.  Talofa Served Daily shout out our Samoan brethren in a big way.  An all black shirt with the TALOFA SERVED DAILY logo on the front and the stars from the Samoan flag flank the left sleeve.  As a further shout out to the strong Samoan brothers and sisters, they’re also dropping a FIERCE SF Giants black denim piece. This New Era features a black denim crown and a metallic blue Giants logo.  Definitely rockable no matter which way you get down.

Also, just like the Mabuhay Served Daily release, proceeds from Talofa Served Daily will benefit the tsunami victims of American Samoa.

Alongside of the Talofa Served Daily, there’s a new Aloha Served Daily piece paying homage to the legendary De La Soul.  See if you can catch the reference in the shirt.  Alongside of that, there’s a new Kamehameha New Era, cooled out in TEAL with a white Kamehameha logo.

All four of these hot pieces will be available this Saturday at the Fitted Hawaii headquarters on Kona St.

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