Hilo Rain // Hurley Anti-Canvas

I could explain the awesome significance of this piece by SigZane/Ethnic Creative’s Kuhao Zane, but I think I’ll let him do the explaining for this.

Aloha All,

I wanted to take some time out to talk about this Anti-Canvas Art Show I got to take part of…. First off big up to ITO and Contrast Magazine for putting me on the line up! Much mahalos!

I’ll be breaking down the elements of the design so that peeps can grasp the visual and subliminal. Then make sure to head over to SOHO mixed media bar tonight to attend theANTI-CANVAS!

Hurley will utilize a “sublimation” process to make a one-of-a-kind board short with the art that will be auctioned off for the charities. This manufacturing method uses a heat transferring process that preserves the integrity and details of the design.

And on with the details…..

Ohe Kapala // Ua
The Hawaiian Bamboo Stamp. I used the Ua Ohe Kapala Symbol in various sizes and colors to represent the blanket of rain that Hilo witnesses all too often. The Ohe Kapala also offers a cultural connection to Hawaii. Hawaii is known thru out the pacific to have one the most complex Kapa and Ohe Kapala designs usually telling stories of environmental phenomenon or tracing linages and genealogy.

ModernPop // Rolling Clouds Over The Land
The grey and black oval shapes are the black clouds that roll in over the land. Hilo Bay works as a hook to hold the heavy moisture between Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Kilauea. The Yellow-ish Green shades at the bottom represent the the areas of land that haven’t been covered by the clouds just yet. Sometimes the upper hamakua areas will allow a small opening for the sun to shine that will illuminate the rain with a prism of color.

Positive Sign +
This story is from about 6 years back, when I first started to work for my dad(legally). Uh…. Lets just say I was waaay negative. I was basically exactly what Hilo raised me to be….. A somewhat hater. Of course I went to college and got educated, and still I could not help but think ultra negative thoughts in our company meetings. So…. Long story short, I would draw little Positive signs every time I thought something negative in a meeting. A couple meetings in, my note book would be full of +++++++++++. But over time, it made me conscious of when my thoughts would go negative and I would try to take the negative thought and turn it into a positive. Fast forward to today. I have no + signs on my notebook, don’t really need the reminder anymore…. I just use it in design to recognize the transition from a negative to a positive time.

Back in 98-00′ our halau took our freshly created production “Kamehameha Pai’ea” on the road. Couple shows in Cali, AZ and Alaska….. In this three act hula production we had to make our own costumes, weapons and leis as well as learn a bunch of new Kamehameha inspired choreography. During this period I kept staring at the statue in Hilo which was newly erected at the time. Not much after returning from the tour I left for FIDM and during one of my breaks back home I went to the statue and took a picture of Kamehameha. Headed back to school with a fresh picture to work my vector-pushing skills… Ever since then I’ve had this Kamehameha art on file. I’ve used it a few times like here and there. But over all, it still holds the meaning of everything I learned and represents the process of being inspired by my home environment and taking that to a worldly scale.

I know thats a whole lot to process….. Take your time… Read what you like and come back and finish. But make sure to be there at the Anti-Canvas Tonight!