Kicks/HI Black Friday Sale + logo shirts

Kicks/HI never disappoints when it comes to the Black Friday steez. Ever since the madness of the first Black Friday sneaker blowout, to the craziness of a few years ago when they moved everything to an undisclosed location, warehouse style… they’ve always innovated the Black Friday game.

And this year is no different.

The Kicks/HI Black Friday spectacular will be going down at BOTH the Ward and Makaloa locations.  The lowdown:

20% OFF – all regular priced items (shoes, clothing + accessories) on the floor at both shops
15% OFF – all regular priced NIKE SB shoes on the floor at both shops
30% OFF – all regular priced WOMENS shoes + clothing at both shops
50%-80% doorbuster markdown shoes (at both shops) + clothing (at KICKS/HI Ward)

This is ONE DAY ONLY… everything goes back to regular price come Saturday.

Along with the sale stuff, there’s also a five design release coming out on Friday as well.  The shirts make up the second delivery of the Fall 2009 shirt line.  It includes the OG KH Script in Gucci or Jordan Aqua 8 color schemes, a Wu-Tang Yellow and a green Kicks/HI slash tee, the return of the crest tee, and a re-up of the PUMP 20 splatter shirt.  New stuff to match all the new stuff you’re gonna walk out with on Friday.

Again, this all goes down on Friday.  For more, check out