NEW! Olde Ivory “Ala Wai Canal Rats”


The first in a series of shirts from the Olde Ivory Anchor League, this one is a shout out to the monsters of the Ala Wai… no not the giant crustaceans that inhabit the bottom of the canal, but the other monsters of the canal: the rats.

Have you seen these things? They give NYC street rats some hard rubs and these suckers got skill like Master Splinter. Watch your back or they’re taking a piece out of it.

Anyway, this new design celebrates the monsters in a fun and enjoyable way, minus the possible chance of disease.  These shirts also incorporate Olde Ivory’s new comfy fit technology shirts.  FInally, science gets something right.

These new shirts are available NOW in the Olde Ivory online shop and on Thursday at in4mation Ward.