NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Multiplicity”

Releasing today at 11am, the Fitted Hawaii crew brings a revisit to their classic “Multiplicity” design.  This time, they’re bringing it on a black shirt with white, yellow, green, and purple graphic. Back features a green and yellow stroked crown.

To accentuate this set, they’re also release some sacrilegious New Eras.  First up is a Boston Red Sox in the Lakers colorway (purple, yellow, grey). The other is an LA Dodgers in the Celtics colorway (green, white, black).

All I have to say is… hope the NBA season is dope with KOBE, Ron-Ron, One Time PAU! and the Odom-Kardashians leading the charge to number 16.

This releases today at 11am at Fitted’s Kona St. HQ. For more, check out