NEW! Kicks/HI Saturday releases

This Saturday marks a couple of dope releases for the Kicks/HI fam.

First up is the initial delivery of their Fall 2009 Essentials line, designed with classic shapes and current style. It’s meant to be timely and timeless at the same time, you know?

The first delivery contains all three colors of the Essentials V-Neck and the 5 Panel caps. The last time either one was in-store, they sold out with the quickness, so you best be jumping all over these on Saturday.

Also releasing on Saturday is a special Kicks/HI collabo with “Kid” Yamamoto and Japanese MMA Stable Krazy Bee. The tee is grey with the Krazy Bee logo on the front pocket location and all the sponsor logos on the back. Definitely a dope shirt to rock for the MMA head in us all. This shirt will be available ONLY at the Makaloa shop.

All these dope items will be available starting this Saturday. For more info, check out the Kicks/HI crew online.