The Cutlery 25K T-shirt Giveaway!

T-shirt Giveaway!

Originally uploaded by MrZane

To honor the fact that his Flickr page is about to reach 25,000 views, Kuhao Zane, the mastermind behind The Cutlery and Ethnic Creative will be producing and giving away a limited, one-time only run of “25K” shirts.

The catch? As soon as the Flickr stream reaches 25,000 views, Kuhao will post up a picture of the “25K” shirt. The first 10 people to comment on the photo with their name, mailing address, and t-shirt size will get the shirt sent to them.

OK, the important contest stuff:

While Sizes Last….
Free Shipping To Hawaii Addresses Only…
Mainland & International will have to pay for shipping…
Kuhao’s PhotoStream is located at

For more info, check out the Ethnicity page at