NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Grain of Sand”

This Saturday, the Fitted Ohana is back at it again with a fresh new release.

This week, they pay tribute to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, in their own unique way, of course. The shirt features a lush, tropical scene, brought together and designed to look like it was a sand painting. That’s right, the image is made out of tiny dots, fashioned in a way to create the scene. The shirt represents not only Hawaii’s natural scenery, but also the sand that makes up a lot of that scenery.

The shirt also features a clear gel Fitted crown on the back.

The hat is a Mets New Era draped in purple, with a black brim and buttons, white eyelets and white Mets logo. Again, a sold color hit heading into the Fall season.

These two pieces will be available this Saturday at Fitted Hawaii’s Kona St. headquarters.