The Slapp Collective


Slapp Symphony and DJ Jimmy Taco presents “The Slapp Collective,” a brand new mixtape featuring the production styles of Let-T-Let and Westbrook.

This mixtape features: a Michael Jackson Tribute, Kaipo Kapua, Tassho Pearce a.k.a. Emirc, Fortilive (Slo-Mo & Mush Mouf), MISTAH FAB (San Francisco), Bladez Whyte, WUN, Hassanah (Florida), Mic3, Creed Chameleon, Sli Bo (Miami), Young Feed (Virgina), Prophit, E-Dub, ODDisC, C-Gutta, Mox, Repo, Samoan Dynasty, Or1ginal, MaJ.I.K., JoeKerr, J-Sac & more…

As it was mentioned earlier, the entire mixtape was produced by Slapp Symphony and carefully hand mixed by the one and oly DJ Jimmy Taco.

Now, where do you get this mixtape: check out the Slapp Symphony website and hopefully it’s there when you click on it OR you can click here for it.