Rival Schools coverage from @jeannemariepics


For those that didn’t know, atypicalLIVING ran a little art show called “Rival Schools” this past weekend. Now, normally, I’d be the one rocking the coverage tip, but since we were, you know, running the show… coverage was few and far between.

BUT! big UPS to the homie Jeanne Marie for rolling through and flicking up most of the 3-on-3 battle and the highly touted freestyle/any-style battle.

I managed to do photo coverage of our own show, but I’m still working on those shots right now. Look for that later this week, along with an in-depth write-up from the newest member of the Creative Partners: @dainzers

So, check out @jeannemariepics photo coverage of Rival Schools here.

Also, check out Jeanne Marie’s photography here.