What the FLUX?!?! with Enterprise First Friday 

What the FLUX_ EFF_

The Enterprise Party is bringing you more fun for your First Friday.

This month, they bring you the “What the FLUX?!” party, a collaborative effort between The Enterprise Party and FLUX Magazine. ¬†This event will feature the possible design covers for FLUX’s debut issue in 2010.

VOTE for your favorite cover art by: Eukarezt, Sonny Ganaden, Haj Gollestani, Landon Osamu, and atypicalLIVING’s own Miss Yumi Vong.

This event is split into two parts with an acoustic showcase featuring Yoza, Sebastian Hughes, also with Gary Liu Jr and The Drowning Dreamers.

At 9pm, the dancing gets going, featuring the sounds of Underwater Radar.

This all goes down this First Friday at the Loft (115 Hotel Street).

For more info, check out the enterprise party.