NEW! Fitted Hawaii x eightyFOURskate

The Fitted Ohana have teamed up with Eighty Four Skate to celebrate the beginning of the school year.  Yeah, I know… beginning of the school year isn’t something to celebrate, but when you’re dropping hot product like this, it’s something to be excited about.

Besides the big news that the Kamahele backpacks have re-upped at Fitted AND Eighty Four Skate, they’ve collaborated on this new shirt.

Legendary gold tri-locks adorn the front with an “ASD” logo on the right sleeve, Fitted crest on the left.

The back hit features the Fitted crown chillin atop the Eighty Four Skate logo.

Overall, a dope shirt for the back to school grind.

You can scoop up this shirt, plus the Kamahele re-up, at both Fitted Hawaii and Eighty Four Skate.