NEW! St. Alfred New Eras

This Saturday, Kicks/HI’s Makaloa location will be dropping two brand new Saint Alfred New Eras to affix to your dome.

The first ones are of a remix of the traditional STA Saint Alfred logo. Those hats are featured in primary colors, perfect for incorporating into your outfit.

The second set features the new “A” Saint Alfred logo, reminiscent of the original A-fleur logo that made the streets crazy a few years back. These are available in four eye-catching colors, none of which you can go wrong with.

These two sets will be available for purchase at Kicks/HI’s Makaloa location starting Saturday. Phone orders will be accepted starting Monday. Call 808.941.9191 to place an order.

This is but one of the many things dropping at Kicks/HI this Saturday; check out their blog for the FULL listing of what’s releasing.