16th Annual Sunburn Classic


Unfortunately kids, the end of Summer is drawing near. But, the summer doesn’t have to end on a whimper, but with a bang.

The biggest skate contest/demo in Hawaii will be going down this Saturday at A’ala Park.  The T&C Sunburn Classic will bring together pros and amateurs in one dope location to celebrate the awesomeness of Summer.

The amateurs will be battling in the “Best Trick” Amateur contest in four different divisions. The pros are actually talking about three members of the LRG Skate Team: Adelmo Jr., Jack Curtin, and Rodrigo Tx.

Don’t forget the product toss and music from lightsleeper Kavet the Catalyst.

It’s a skate contest, so look to be there around 8am if you plan on entering, 9am if you plan on watching.

It’s almost the end of Summer, enjoi the nice weather while you still can.